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Library Policies

Student Advisory Board - Statement of Purpose


Plough Library’s mission is to provide collections, services, and inclusive spaces to encourage learning, teaching, and research for the entire CBU community, in line with our LaSallian values of faith, service, and community.

The Student Advisory Board is charged with aiding the library staff in fulfilling that mission. The goal of the Student Advisory Board is to provide a communication link between students and library staff and to act as a sounding board for proposed changes. The Student Advisory Board makes recommendations to library staff on how they can better support students.


The Student Advisory board will work to improve the library’s facilities and services, in concert with the staff. We will provide a student perspective on issues and activities that concern the library. Students must have the ability to be open-minded, work well in a team environment, offer constructive feedback, be willing to come to meetings with ideas, and be interested in improving the library.


  • Board members are selected based on the application and interview process. The board chairperson position will be held by the library intern.
  • Members agree to meet a minimum of two times each semester, for a term of one year.
  • Members will serve as an advocate for the library and library activities


  • Meetings:
    • Lunch will be provided at two meetings each semester.
    • Gift-card raffle for those in attendance.
  • Networking:
    • Being a member of the library student advisory board is a great resume builder.
    • The SAB’s librarian advisor will provide a reference for members in good standing.

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