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Library Policies

Plough Library Noise Policy

In support of the mission of Christian Brothers University, Plough Library encourages learning, teaching, and research in its spaces. Everyone should have a productive experience when using the Library for research and study. To enable this, all users must be respectful of the needs and rights of others and refrain from excessive noise while inside Plough Library.

The Library has areas designated for either Quiet Study or Quiet Collaboration:

  1. Quiet Study - Upper level
    • Whispers only
    • No phone calls
    • During certain times (Study Week for example), the Library may designate more areas for Quiet Study
  2. Quiet Collaboration - Main Level and Lower Level, including the Infolab
    • Whispers only
    • Phone calls allowed (see Phones & Devices guidelines below)
    • Exceptions: when the Infolab is being used for a class, or the Gallery is hosting a presentation, low voices may be used in those spaces.

Phones & Devices:

  • Set your phone to silent mode and turn off any audible alerts on laptops and other devices.
  • Brief phone calls are acceptable in Quiet Collaboration areas, but take lengthy or animated calls outside of the building. Do not use speakerphone in the Library.
  • Use headphones to listen to audio. Even with headphones, volume should not be so loud as to be audible to other people.

Other considerations while in the Library:

  • Be aware that the stairwells amplify sound.
  • Maintain low voices while entering and exiting the building.

Cunningham. February 2019.

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