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The Brother I. Leo O'Donnell Archives at Christian Brothers University

Contact the Archives

Brother I. Leo O'Donnell Archives
Kay Cunningham, Director
Phone: 901-321-3432


Please email Archives information and appointment requests to

The Br. I. Leo O'Donnell Archives are located outside of, and at a distance from, Plough Library.

  • To view Archives material, visitors must schedule an appointment.
  • Archives material can only be used under the supervision of a librarian and may not be checked out.

About CBU Faculty/Staff Publications & Artistic Achievements

The O'Donnell Archives maintains a list of Christian Brothers University faculty and staff publications and artistic achievements from 1945 to present. Physical copies of select materials are on file in the Archives. CBU faculty and staff who want to include their publications and artistic achievements should contact

CBU Faculty/Staff Publication Lists

Hosted on RefWorks, these lists reference the published work and artistic achievements of of CBC/CBU faculty and staff. The CBU Faculty Bibliography (Master File) includes all references. The discipllne- specific folders include references of published books or articles in those subject areas; the same reference may be in more than one folder.

You can: 

  • sort the lists by author name, date of publication, and more,
  • select reference(s) for export,
  • create your own bibliographies in a variety of citation styles.

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