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Using NAICS and SIC codes to search

Utilizing business databases' abilities to search by industry codes, such as the NAICS or SIC, can help you retrieve comprehensive results, whether you are looking for industry information or whether you are trying to identify businesses in a category.

  • Business Source Ultimate - Put the letters "IC" before the code to generate a NAICS-based search; either IC 561910 or IC "561910" will work. You will find articles related to the topic in trade publications and academic journals using BSU, as well as market research reports. If you do not know a code, you can search by keyword. Then either scan the NAICS/Industry tags on the left to limit your results, or click the title of a likely article. If a code is associated with the article, it will be hotlinked from the abstract, allowing you to expand your search to access any entry including that code.
  • Mergent Online - Boxes for searching by SIC (Standard Industrial Classification), NAICS (North American Industry Classification System), and ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark) are available on Mergent's opening screen. Select the appropriate radio button, key in the code and click search to get a list of companies in that category. If you do not know the relevant codes, a "Code Look-Up" tool is available for all three.

About the Harvard Business Review

CBU has fulltext access to articles in the Harvard Business Review back to 1922 in the Business Source Ultimate database. The majority of the articles can be viewed, read, saved, and printed. The most popular articles--the HBR 500--can only be viewed and read online. These articles are immediately evident by a notice, "The publisher offers limited access to this article. The full text cannot be printed or saved," found at the top of the abstract: you cannot print or save any of these 500 articles, nor can you link to them in courseware.

If you are looking for articles in the Harvard Business Review, use the Journals tab on the Library's Home Page. Type in Harvard Business Review and click Search. You'll be taken to a page listing all the databases with HBR articles. Click on the title of the journal in the Business Source Ultimate listing. (It should be the top listed entry.)

You'll then be taken to a page in Business Source Ultimate linking to all the years HBR has been published. If you have a citation, click on the relevant year and drill down to the articles list. You can also use the "Search Within This Publication" link, found near the top of this page, to search for articles by keyword.

The Library also has HBR in print from 1953 to 2006, and 2010 to the present. The current year's issues are on the Main floor; earlier years can be found in the basement.

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