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Credo InfoLit Modules

Tutorials, Videos, and Quizzes on Information Literacy Topics


Credo InfoLit Modules are a library of e-learning content with assessment tools to measure and report on student learning outcomes. They are aligned to information literacy lessons with general education classes, first-year experience, and student success initiatives.

With videos, tutorials, and quizzes, these modules are ideal for supplementing existing lessons, for “one-shot” instructional sessions, and for addressing gaps in classroom or online teaching.

The modules are divided into six topics:

  1. Getting Started with Research
    Why information literacy skills matter and how to get started with a research project, including understanding the process, choosing a topic, and beginning research.
  2. Sources of Information
    How information is created and the many different types of sources that students encounter while doing research.
  3. Searching for Information
    The basics of searching for information, including choosing the right source, identifying keywords, and employing search techniques.
  4. Evaluating Information
    The basics of evaluating resources for authority, accuracy, and other criteria.
  5. Presenting Research and Data
    The basics of using information and presenting it to others.
  6. Citations and Academic Integrity
    The importance of academic integrity and the basics of citing sources in different styles.

Faculty Module

Introductory Video for Faculty

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