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Plagiarism Prevention and Detection Guide for CBU Faculty

Give Students an Overview

General Tips

  • Talk about CBU's Plagiarism Policy.
  • Make your expectations clear for specific assignments - are students allowed to collaborate?
  • Schedule an instruction session with a reference librarian before your first assignment.
  • Have students write as much as possible. Get to know students' writing styles.
  • Allow students to incorporate personal reflections on some topics or class discussions.
  • Change assigned paper topics every semester.
  • Keep up with current technology.
  • Know that the most frequently plagiarized resource is Wikipedia.
  • Be aware of paper mills.
  • Critique a sample downloaded from a paper mill in class.
  • Emphasize research and writing processes and stagger the due date for each step:
    1. Written topic proposals
    2. Idea outlines
    3. Multiple drafts
    4. Interim working bibliographies
    5. Photocopies of sources

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