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Plagiarism Prevention and Detection Guide for CBU Faculty

CBU Plagiarism Policy

From Section 5 of The Compass (CBU Student Handbook)


Plagiarism is a serious form of academic misconduct and will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is using the work of others and offering it as one's own. This includes the use of another's ideas or writings without proper acknowledgment, submitting a paper written by another, or submitting an examination or assignment containing work copied from someone else.

A faculty member will take disciplinary action when plagiarism is discerned. Disciplinary action may take the form of a warning or the assigning of a failing grade for the assignment, examination, or entire course. The faculty member may recommend to the Vice President for Academic Affairs that the student be expelled from class.

The following procedures will be followed in cases of plagiarism:

1. After plagiarism is discerned, the faculty member should immediately inform the student of the alleged charge. Plagiarism must be discerned, not merely suspected. If at all possible, evidence should be available.

2. The faculty member must, prior to the next class meeting, inform in writing the student, student's advisor, the faculty member's department chair, the Dean of the School and the Academic Vice President of the charges against the student and any disciplinary action taken against him or her.

3. If the student, who has been accused of plagiarism, wishes to appeal his or her final grade for the semester, that person shall follow the grade appeal process set forth in Seciont 3.10 of [the CBU Student] Handbook:

4. Multiple infractions may result in permanent expulsion from the University by the Academic Vice President. Any appeal of expulsion shall be made to the President of the University, but the review is limited to ensuring that fundamental fairness guidelines have been met. If fundamental fairness guidelines have not been met, the President can refer the case back to the Academic Vice President to insure that the guidelines are met.

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