acls humanities ebook heb logoOur featured library resource for June is ACLS Humanities Ebook, also known as ACLS HEB, which offers a curated collection of 5800 ebooks selected by scholars for scholars. Find ebooks useful for your research or general interest in the areas of history, social sciences, religion, art & architecture, and more.


  • Read ACLS HEB ebooks in your browser or download individual chapters for later reading
  • Many titles include links to reviews of the book from academic journals
  • Contains unique, out of print titles
  • Available on or off campus to current CBU students, faculty, and staff

Here are just a few recent ebooks from ACLS HEB:

Hot Books in the Cold War: The CIA-Funded Secret Western Book Distribution Program Behind the Iron CurtainWonder shows: performing science, magic, and religion in America The Black revolution on campus The flood year 1927 : a cultural history