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profile-icon Deborah Babb

Memphis Business Journal logoOur featured resource for February is Memphis Business Journal. CBU students, faculty, and staff now have unlimited access to read the latest breaking business news, industry analysis, and profiles of business leaders in Memphis. Our subscription includes local Business News throughout the Memphis metropolitan area, the MBJ Weekly Edition, Books of Lists, Local Search Archives, Back Issues from the past six years, and more.

How to Access: Create Your Free Membership (or Sign In if you already have a Business Journal password) for instant access with your email address. Registration requires the use of your email.

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profile-icon Mark Duncan

Welcome back to a new semester! The library has created some new tutorial videos that show how to use the library catalog, how to conduct library searches, information about citations, and how to use some of our services. Some videos also highlight how to use some of our databases.

Also new are the YouTube playlists that categorize the videos by topic area. Check them out on the Plough Library YouTube page!






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profile-icon Tiffany Day
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Though we are now a few weeks into 2022—it being yet another troubling time in our new(ish) collective life with COVID-19—we at Plough Library do sincerely wish you all a very happy New Year. For many it is a time of reflection, of resolution or intention-setting. This year, I'm inspired by some of writer Virginia Woolf's "resolutions" from 1931:

"To have none. Not to be tied. To be free & kindly with myself, not goading it to parties: to sit rather privately reading in the studio...To stop irritation by the assurance that nothing is worth irritation. Sometimes to read, sometimes not to read. To go out yes—but stay at home in spite of being asked. As for clothes, to buy good ones" (Woolf, p. 3).

For when it is a time to read, you will find below subject-specific lists of the titles that were acquired and added to Plough Library's collection between October and December 2021 (newspapers, journals, and other serials are not included).

May we remember that every day is the beginning of a new year; may we remember "sometimes to read, sometimes not to read."


Woolf, Virginia. The Diary of Virginia Woolf. Edited by Anne Olivier Bell, vol. 4, New York, Harcourt Brace, 1983.

(Pictured right is the December 30, 2021 sunset over the Mississippi River.)


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